Current Specials

Recordable Drain & Duct Inspection Camera

40m Inspection Camera with Built-in Keyboard & Meterage

With a probe built outside the case – this latest model keeps the monitor and components away from the water.
Overlay information onto your recordings with the built in keyboard, and the short stainless steel camera body gives more flexibility through tight pipe bends. A 40m Cable reel is mounted outside of the case, meaning the fibreglass rod can be fed in and out without holding the reel.
Lasting for 6 hours, the unit can be charged either via mains or a 12v car charger (can also be used via mains power).
Specifically designed for duct and drain inspections, you will have the ability to save still images or videos directly to an SD memory card. Ideal for showing clients and including on client files for future reference. Plus you can record sound – adding a running commentary on condition and meterage.
Supplied with: Monitor containing Bluetooth keyboard, mains and car chargers, 46mm dia and 80mm dia skids, 40m push rod with stainless steel camera.

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